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“Is My Student Going to Graduate?”

Posted 3 months ago

This is a question that I hear quite often at this time of year.  It is an easy question to answer.  First, let’s review the 8th Grade Graduation Requirements:

  1. Maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of 1.75 for all quarters in grades 7 and 8 and fail no more than 6 classes during the 8th grade school year.
  2. Attend at least 85% of the total number of days in the 8th grade school year (153).

By looking closely at each of your student’s report cards, you should easily be able to track their progress towards graduation.  It’s as simple as keeping track of their cumulative GPA to make sure it remains above a 1.75, counting the number of F’s received (any more than 6 during their 8th grade year and they do not graduate — that number should be 0!!) and making sure your students come to school regularly (may not miss more than 27 school days during their 8th grade year).

Unfortunately, I get many inquiries at this time of year regarding what can be done to help my failing student.  And, also unfortunately, the answer is almost always “Nothing”.  The time to worry about graduation status needs to start during a student’s 7th grade year and continue through their 8th grade year.  Warning letters for possible non-graduation are sent at the beginning of a student’s 8th grade year as well as after the first, second and third quarters.  If you receive one or more of these letters, please act immediately!!  Waiting until the middle of the fourth quarter of a student’s 8th grade year to react is MUCH TOO LATE!!