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Board of Trustees

In order from left to right:

Mrs. Charlene Battles: – Trustee Member since 2002 End Term 2020

Mrs. Teri Andersen: – Trustee Member since 2000 End Term 2022

Mr. Monte Gardner: – Trustee Member since 2006 End Term 2022

President, Ken Berckes  – Member since 2008 End Term 2022

Superintendent, Paul Miller – Mr. Miller has been the Superintendent since 2012

Clerk,  Mrs. Gina Rasmussen: – Trustee Member since 2016 End Term 2020


Superintendent Paul Miller

Welcome to the 2016/17 school year! We’re off to a great start, and it is awesome to see the children enjoying themselves at school. There are lots of events at each of the school sites in the first few weeks, so please make sure to check the schedule so you don’t miss any of them.

One of the most important habits to get into at the beginning of the school year as a parent is to check in nightly with your child to determine if they have any homework. Developing good study skills is crucial to your child’s educational advancement, and homework is a very important part of a good student’s daily ritual. Developing good work habits at a young age is very important, and school work builds on itself as the year progresses. Homework reinforces important skills taught during the school day, and is critical to the success of your child’s education.

Another important step is to visit your child’s school and participate in the learning process directly. There is no better way to emphasize the importance of education than visiting the school, and you’ll have a great time doing it! Make it a goal to contact your child’s teacher in the month of September, and come join in the fun. You’ll be happy you did.

Also, please check with your school’s principal if you are interested in getting involved in the decision making process at the school site. There are a number of committees that make very important decisions about the educational programs at your child’s school, so join in and be a part of shaping your child’s learning program. Two of these committees are School Site Council, and the English Language Acquisition Committee. These committees help develop the school budget, make instructional decisions, and approve the district’s categorical budget. Give your principal a call today if you want to get involved.

If you have any questions, or just want to introduce yourself, please feel free to drop by the District Office at 1001 Robert’s Lane. My door is always open.

Paul E. Miller


Beardsley School District