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Message from Mrs. Chamberlin


Over the next few weeks our 3rd through 6th grade students will be taking the California Assessment of Studnet Perforamnce and Progress (CAASPP) in English Language Arts, Math , and Science (5th grade). The Smarter Balanced tests will be taken on computers, and there are Practice Tests available that provide a good idea of what the tests will look like. The Practice Tests are available for everyone to use at There is a Practice Test for each of grades 3 through 8 and high school in both English–language arts and math. Each Practice Test has about 30 questions.

I encourage you to explore the Practice Tests with your child and discuss them with each other. Your child will also be able to use the Practice Tests on our school computers.  As with all standardized test, this is only a snapshot of your child’s academic performance. Throughout the year, your child’s teacher assesses each student’s progress through theme tests, benchmarks, and other informal evaluations. These other means of measurement are given to make sure that your child is mastering the curriculum and state standards. You receive information throughout the year of your child’s academic performance through progress reports and report cards.

If there is ever a question of how your child is progressing, please do not hesitate to sit down and conference with his or her teacher.


                                                            Mrs. Chamberlin