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Beardsley School District is committed to ensuring that all of our students start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Kids who eat breakfast tend to miss less school, get better grades and score higher on tests. This letter is to inform you that our school will begin serving breakfast in the classroom on August 18, 2021.

What is breakfast in the classroom? Breakfast will be served to students in their classrooms after the bell rings. Students will have an opportunity to eat breakfast during the beginning of class while their teacher take attendance, collects homework or begins lessons as usual. Breakfast will be taken to the classrooms in wagons with insulated containers that keep the food hot and cold. Breakfast will no longer be served in the cafeteria before the school day starts.

Why did we make this change? Serving breakfast in the classroom gives more students the opportunity to eat breakfast at school. It removes common barriers like students missing breakfast because they arrive late or because they would rather skip breakfast to hang out with their friends outside of the cafeteria. Now all students have the opportunity to eat together in their classrooms and start their day ready to learn.

What is served for breakfast? School breakfast always includes milk, fruit or juice and whole grains. Even though breakfast items provided to students at school sometimes look like the same breakfast items found in stores, school breakfast items have more whole grains and less sugar, sodium, fat and calories. Menus are available below.

How much does school breakfast cost? There is no cost for breakfast in the classroom, so everyone eats for free.




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