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Board of Trustees

In order from left to right:

Mrs. Charlene Battles: – Trustee Member since 2002 End Term 2024

Mrs. Teri Andersen: – Trustee Member since 2000 End Term 2022

Mr. Monte Gardner: – Trustee Member since 2006 End Term 2022

Mr. Ken Berckes  – Member since 2008 End Term 2022

Superintendent, Paul Miller – Mr. Miller has been the Superintendent since 2012

Mrs. Gina Rasmussen: – Trustee Member since 2016 End Term 2024

Assistant Superintendent, Tammy Barrera – NOT PICTUREDMrs. Barrera has been the Assistant Superintendent since 2021


Superintendent Paul Miller

Superintendent’s Message


As I write this I am hopeful that everyone is staying healthy and safe as we continue to adjust to all the challenges that the COVID-19 Pandemic has created. I am very proud of the entire Beardsley family in the way that it has adjusted to a historically difficult time period. Through this Pandemic, and going forward, Beardsley’s first priority is the health and Safety of our families, students, and staff. The district thanks its stakeholders for all of the adjustments that have been made during the start of the new school year, and for all the adjustments that were made last spring when schools were closed by Governor’s orders.

As many of you may be aware Kern County, on Tuesday October 13th, went from purple to red on the Governor’s new COVID-19 monitoring system.  This improved status allows for the possibility of schools reopening in the future. On Monday, October 12th the Beardsley board of trustees voted to give the Superintendent the option of opening schools on a phased basis if conditions appear to remain stable going forward.

Based on a special exemption for “small cohorts” from the California Department of Public Health, the district already had planned to open up schools for a small group of special education students on November 2nd.  This small group opening was allowed by the Governor on September 4th. The district is currently evaluating, with all the other school districts in Kern County, on what basis to further open the district’s school sites in the coming weeks based on the county now being in the less restrictive “Red” category. Any broader reopening would be taken slowly, and would likely start with the district’s youngest students. The structure of any reopening would be based on a “hybrid” model of instruction, with half a classrooms students (Group A) coming on Monday and Tuesday, and the other half of the same classroom coming on Thursday and Friday (Group B). Wednesdays would be remote learning days to allow the district to deep clean classrooms, as well as other district buildings and spaces. Students would continue to learn on a distance learning basis on Wednesdays under the hybrid model.

The hybrid model would allow the district to conform to the health professionals requirements, such as six feet of separation between students. While on campus and on the districts buses students would be required to follow all California Department of Public Health guidelines, such as wearing a mask.

As we move into the next several weeks and months, the district will continue to collaborate with local and state wide health professionals to determine the classroom structure(s) that provide the best educational program(s), while maintaining the safest environment for staff and students.

I will be in contact with any reopening plans for our districts schools in the coming weeks. Parents will still have the option of keeping their students home on a distance learning basis.


Please find below a couple of resources related to COVID-19 below:

California Department of Public Health           

Center for Disease Control                                      


Also, please find a few tips from the California Department of Public Health for staying safe:

  1. Wash your hands frequently
  2. Keep hands away your face the extent possible
  3. Wear a mask
  4. Maintain six feet from other people’
  5. Check your temperature daily


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the school district office.




Paul Miller


Beardsley School District